Welcome to the DIGITAL toolkit! Digital education and online learning is here to stay, but as an adult educator, where do you start when there are so many tools and programmes on the market? In this toolkit, we present our top 23 tools for adult educators which have been researched and many tried/tested by adult educators like you.

How to use this toolkit:

Step 1:

First, check out the category of tool you want. This toolkit is comprised of seven tool categories, and within each category, there are a total of 3-4 tools.

Step 2:

Each tool has a section that explains about the tool and what it can be used for. Follow the link to the tool website to learn even more about the tool! Next, there is a pros and cons section to the tool. This is a handy way to work out the differences between each tool in the respective categories.

Step 3:

Finally, the last section of each tool is a pricing section, and an instructional video on how to get you started using the tool. We’ve tried to select as many tools as possible that have a free pricing plan. You’ll be able to see the differences between plans on the pricing section too.

Please see the below contents for the toolkit:

Introduction Slide 3
Screencasting tools Slide 5
Course Creation tools Slide 19
Presentation and Animation tools Slide 33
Research and Curation Tools Slide 47
Webinar and Meeting tools Slide 61
Filesharing Tools Slide 79
Project Management tools Slide 93
Conclusions/Annex Slide 111


Screencast O Matic Slide 7
Adobe Spark Slide 11
Camtasia Slide 15
WordPress Slide 21
TedEd Slide 25
EdPuzzle Slide 29
Powtoon Slide 35
Kahoot Slide 39
Thinglink Slide 43
Diigo Slide 49
Padlet Slide 53
Pearltrees Slide 57
Zoom Slide 63
Skype Slide 67
Facebook Live Slide 71
Webex Slide 75
Dropbox Slide 81
WeTransfer Slide 85
Slack Slide 89
Monday Slide 95
Trello Slide 99
Microsoft Teams Slide 103
Google Drive Slide 107